About Telstar

Telstar, part of the azbil Group, has a long track record and experience in the development of engineering & construction projects, process equipment and GMP services solutions, including turnkey projects and critical installations, for companies associated with Life & Health Sciences (pharmaceutical & biotechnology, healthcare, cosmetic, veterinary and food & beverage industries, hospitals, laboratories & research centers). Under the Telstar brand, the company also offers solutions for Vacuum and High-Vacuum technologies for conventional industry and high-tech industry in the power and aerospace sectors, as well as for major scientific experiments.

Complete integrated process solutions

More than 50 years of experience in the development of highly complex projects for the scientific & aerospace sectors and life science industries, from integrated process equipment to engineering & construction of critical facilities with global vision and fully-owned expertise.

Telstar has emerged as one of the leading technology partners for the pharmaceutical and related industries, laboratories, research centers and general industry. Acknowledged as one of the major international manufacturers with the capacity to offer integrated process solutions using in-house technologies, the company has also consolidated its role as a key one-stop solution provider in the development of a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance and efficient integrated systems for aseptic manufacturing and research processes.

The capacity, knowledge and experience that Telstar has is represented by a confident approach to each project by engineering complete critical installations and designing aseptic process integrated systems, that drives Telstar to solidify its position as a high-level specialized player, whilst making progress as a  leading provider of sterile solutions. With an eye on removing risks in manufacturing processes, Telstar’s innovations in isolation technology systems, sterilization, water & pure steam generation, and freeze-drying applications are designed to ensure an aseptic and efficient production of pharmaceutical and biotechnology processes.

Client-Centered Organization

Telstar has a solid Corporate Culture which is completely guided by a client-centered vision to meet the customer’s needs and market challenges with high value solutions. A firm vision and a strong commitment that shapes its core business mission & values to efficiently respond to the market with tailor-made high-tech solutions especially valued by our customers due to the quality, reliability, flexibility and scalability Telstar can offer. The company organization is grounded on a management model prioritizing its relationship with the market and promoting co-operation and synergies among different internal operational areas covering different phases of the value chain for the customer.

The Telstar corporate structure is substantiated with a holistic vision of multidisciplinary and integral business management, which also empowers its organizational environment. Knowledge, expertise and know-how in technology research, innovation, automation and product & projects development is supported by an advanced technical capacity together with a dedicated solid professional team, placing the customer at the heart of Telstar’s focus.

Building projects and sharing knowledge under a single vision of customer orientation contributes to strengthen Telstar’s assets, expertise and experience, whilst consolidating its competitive value and uniqueness: to offer complete, integrated solutions.

Telstar’s driving force

Telstar is a dynamic organization whose innovative nature allows the company to constantly drive new opportunities and ideas to promote technological progress in a growing world. By having an intense collaboration across the entire organization, together with a committed, engaged and highly-qualified workforce, this in turn provides a positive response to market high-complex demands, supplying high-value solutions.