Continuous Innovation

Telstar is currently acknowledged as one of the main international one-stop providers of complete turnkey solutions for research and manufacturing processes for the life science markets, conventional & high-tech industries and scientific research centers. Under an integrated, multidisciplinary management model, which is supported by its own professional team, Telstar has a long track record and the experience to provide innovative solutions with an overall vision for highly-demanding projects.

Since Telstar was founded in 1963, the company has built entrepreneurial, complex and leading-edge business projects that combine global vision with extreme specialization. Continuous innovation is part of the company’s corporate nature, an asset so essential in the overall business management model that it has become the cornerstone of their growth and global development.

The innovation policy of the company is integrated into the organization, as a strategic all-inclusive process which is defined, logged and audited, as are the rest of the business processes in the framework of ISO 9000 certification. Telstar’s dedication to innovation is materialized in a solid strategic area supporting the increasing activity in the development of technologies and new projects for its target markets. The key to Telstar’s brand success is the close involvement that exists between the corporate technology and the R+D technical areas  which operate together with Telstar’s own centres of excellence to promote studies and innovative.

Industry 4.0

With the advent of the digitization and connectivity era, Telstar is well aware how the implementation of digital technologies is becoming mandatory for pharmaceutical and related industries to comply with the strict regulatory compliances. This is a new step forward where digital technologies have become an essential component in automatized manufacturing operations. In response this has driven Telstar to make a competitive response to the new challenges. To enable Pharma 4.0 transformation, together with Digital Lab development, the company plays an active role in the development of leading-edge innovative smart developments in the process analytical technology field for pharmaceutical freeze drying systems and aseptic manufacturing processes, together with integrated process equipment and laboratory integrated management systems.

Embracing Industry 4.0 challenges, Telstar’s activity is entirely focused on developing comprehensive solutions to optimize performance and efficiency in every process. The company develops applied technologies and projects designed to improve quality, safety and efficiency of sterile areas by controlled processes within a strongly interconnected Industry 4.0 environment, responding to the most stringent technical requirements. Telstar design and develop solutions adapted to specific peculiarities within the framework of digital transformation in the pharmaceutical & biotechnology sectors, as well as for the research in the field of life science, personalized medicine, regenerative medicine and functional foods. A demanding challenge that also encompasses conventional and high-tech industry.

Innovative Nature & Growth Trajectory

Telstar’s innovative nature reveals a constantly evolving outlook. A sustained commitment with continuous innovation has led the company to successfully achieve some key milestones that gave rise to a solid evolution, which first started to emerge when the company decided to revise its strategy to change its role from that of an equipment manufacturer to one of a provider of global, integrated solutions in the life sciences sector. Meanwhile, Telstar kept its high-value assets in the development of vacuum applications. Furthermore, the company strengthened its business with a new strategy focused on the development of complete solutions with the incorporation of engineering, building and consultancy services in the overall offering of the company. The professional team was reinforced with experts in cGMP clean room installations and critical utilities, as well as industrial technology development engineers experienced in pharmaceutical production processes and high-tech scientific & aerospace projects. The ability to develop its own technologies and design complete integrated turnkey projects for critical GMP and scientific & R+D installations have made Telstar a benchmark provider of sterile solutions, as well as being one of the few international companies able to offer global solutions for life & health science industries through its own technologies, subject matter experts and resources.