Our Culture

Our Philosophy

Turning needs into opportunities for innovation and accepting the challenge of contributing to the development of life sciences, traditional and high-tech industry and scientific research, using the latest generation of technological solutions. These are the defining points of azbil Telstar’s philosophy. In an environment of growth and constant market change, Telstar develops innovative, solid and reliable solutions suited to newly emerging needs providing value to the market, customers, employees and shareholders with a high capacity for foresight and reaction, azbil Telstar is developing a corporate outlook which is focused on quality, ongoing innovation, and a strong customer orientation, with a highly qualified professional team and a committed international perspective.

Our Vision

Azbil Telstar contributes to improving the well-being and quality of life of society by supplying companies and research centres with the most advanced projects, equipment, and technological services on the market, with high levels of innovation and development and an extensive capacity for accommodating the specific needs of each customer. Azbil Telstar is currently a leading player in the pharmaceutical, healthcare-hospital, and biotechnology sectors, as well as in laboratories, research centres and high-tech industries. As a leading technology partner, azbil Telstar’s goal is to consolidate and increase its international prestige by means of excellent management and a desire to provide service, commitment and quality, consistently achieving better results.

Our Values

Telstar exhibits a strong commitment to working for the needs of its customers through flexibility and development of customized technological solutions. Azbil Telstar offers tailor-made solutions through a professional team that is committed, honest, strong and well-prepared and which exhibits the energy, confidence, and enthusiasm that brings Telstar closer to its customers. These values define azbil Telstar’s corporate culture and are aligned with a desire to offer service, quality and respect to each individual customer; projecting a global organization that is committed, innovative, flexible, dynamic, modern and has substantial international focus.