Sectors & Applications

Life & Health Sciences Industry

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology, Healthcare, Cosmetic, Veterinary, Food & Beverage and related Industries and research centers

Telstar provides global and complete solutions in design, engineering, construction, process equipment and GMP services & start-up, including turnkey projects and critical installations for the Life & Health Sciences market (pharmaceutical & biotechnology, healthcare, cosmetic, veterinary and food & beverage industries, laboratories & research centers). The project’s scope is completed with the installation of process critical equipment and systems, which have been designed and manufactured by Telstar using in-house technologies.

Engineering & Projects

The focus of Telstar in Life Science and Health industries is on the management of customized, integrated turnkey projects including GMP consultancy, engineering and construction of manufacturing plants and complete laboratories for the production of medicines, including critical equipment. This also encompasses validation, regulatory compliance and implementation services for logistics management and maintenance systems, as well as computerized solutions for life science industry regulated processes.

To undertake turnkey engineering & construction projects of process facilities, Telstar offers a complete range of services covering all phases:

  • GMP Consultancy & Planning
  • Engineering & Design
  • Project Services & Construction
  • Technologies / Engineering Disciplines
  • Commissioning, Qualification and Validation
  • Quality Assurance Support
  • IT Design and implementation of industrial software solutions for logistics, warehouse & materials management, production, regulatory affairs and quality, as well as business intelligence.

In addition to managing the turnkey projects as a qualified partner, Telstar also may work under an EPCM service contract, by which the company develops the full set of engineering phases plus professional procurement services -allowing the client to establish different package tenders to third companies- and, finally,  the site management supervision, commissioning and qualification professional services. Telstar capabilities are completed with quality assurance, third party audits and regulatory services.

Production Equipment & Process Systems

Telstar specializes in the design and development of integrated process solutions using in-house sterilization, freeze-drying, containment & barrier systems, process water & waste treatment, clean air and cold storage technologies, which are to be implemented in existing facilities or to be integrated into new plants or research laboratories.

The company designs and manufactures a comprehensive portfolio of high performance and efficient integrated production equipment & systems in the process field. In the field of Barrier Systems & Laminar Flow technologies, the range of products includes containment isolators, aseptic isolators, sterility test isolators, restricted access barrier systems (RABS & oRABS), down flow booths, laminar flow units and air showers & SAS. The Sterilization technology equipment encompasses moist heat sterilization systems, superheated water shower autoclaves, steam and air mixture autoclaves, dry heat sterilization and depyrogenation ovens and ethylene oxide sterilizers (ETO systems). Additionally, in the Freeze-Drying technology field, the company develops a complete range of high-end large & small-scale production GMP freeze dryers with integrated automatic loading/unloading systems.

Laboratory Equipment

The focus for Telstar in the Laboratory field is the design, manufacture, sales and after sales of equipment for R+D, quality control and analysis in sectors related to Life and Health Sciences.  Telstar offers to the market an extensive range of green line equipment made up of biological safety cabinets, laminar flow cabinets, laboratory freeze dryers (GLP) and ultra-low freezers.

Telstar’s solutions combine efficiency and eco-design technology including the latest developments in ergonomics adapted to work environment characteristics and production requirements. Designed and manufactured with in-house technologies, Telstar equipment for Laboratory and R+D centers are all proven to save power consumption, optimize space, save maintenance costs, invest in greater performance and efficiency and be productive with better ergonomic design.


In the field of medical sector and hospitals, Telstar specializes in the development of technology applied to medical devices for the laminar flow operating theatres.  The company offers equipment solutions with laminar flow and lighting technology for operating rooms and enclosures for immunocompromised persons. In addition to design and installation of lighting systems for the laminar flow operating theatres and ventilation systems that minimize the risk of postoperative infections, the company also offers an extensive range of equipment such as vertical and horizontal laminar flow benches, bio-safety cabinets, sterile isolators or ultrafreezers.

Vacuum applications

Telstar develops vacuum & high-vacuum technology solutions for turnkey projects on a worldwide scale. The company evaluates, designs, manufactures, installs and maintains equipment for science and research facilities, the power sector, the aerospace industry, and conventional industries (automotive, energy generation and distribution, refrigeration). Grouped in three main areas -Thermal Vacuum Chambers, Dielectric Oil Treatment Plants and Helium Leak Detection- Telstar provides a comprehensive range of products for a wide range of applications, from research & development to high volume industrial manufacturing, as well as large scientific experiments.