Health & Safety

Azbil Telstar is committed to Health and Safety Excellence in order to ensure a healthy hazard-free place to work, as set forth in the company’s health and safety policy.

The Health and Safety Policy of azbil Telstar represents the declaration of our intentions and commitment to establishing the necessary improvements in the processes of our business and thereby offers all workers an increasingly safe working environment.

To do this, the guidelines to be followed are:

  • Comply with and ensure compliance with current Health and Safety legislation in all geographical and commercial areas of azbil Telstar.
  • Consistently integrate Health and Safety into other decisions and activities
  • Continuously train and inform workers regarding Health and Safety at work.
  • Allow and enable the participation of workers in all issues that affect Health and Safety at work.
  • Develop and implement Health and Safety management systems that will enable the detection, correction and reduction of risks.
  • Establish the required preventive coordination with all companies, contractors or subcontractors with which we jointly carry out our business.
  • Motivate all azbil Telstar workers so that each and every one of them, within their field of responsibility, will accept the basic Health and Safety rules as a key element in the daily performance of their work.