The next stage in an EPCM strategy will be the Construction Management. The Property may not have the in house staff to handle the execution of the required installations; therefore they will need to hire the construction management.

You will need to look for a reputable company who have experience in technical supervision of the execution of what was engineered, procured and subcontracted. You will normally consider a company with a sound and long experience in the execution of pharma & biotech plants, pursuing the excellence of every detail, proposing actions in line with your budget and pushing to execute the project in the established lead time.

Telstar can help you at this stage with the engineering and the procurement management of your project.

Our Project Managers and team of Site Managers, Project Engineers and Subject Experts will handle all the details of your project in your name, periodically reporting on the performance of the project in terms of level of execution, targets achieved and next targets, quality, health & safety, cost and risks. The feedback will also include information about any incidences, risks or achievements that requires your attention.

One of the main tasks in Project & Construction Management is the technical supervision of the subcontractors work. This technical supervision is a daily follow up of subcontractor works, resolving their engineering queries, checking that they are following what was designed and that the quality of the work is according to the requirements, verifying they are fulfilling with the time lead targets and that they are totally committed with the health & safety policies.

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We work alongside our customers in close partnership, supporting them throughout the full life cycle of their plant and equipment to ensure lasting business success.

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