One of the two main lead strategies to develop a project is EPCM, “Engineering Procurement Construction Management”. The other one is Design & Build, turnkey or lump sum.

In the case of an EPCM the property company hire a firm to develop the engineering, normally up to the detailed design and then a procurement management also become involved, although all decisions are made by the property. Finally a construction management company will take precedence over the property company in the decision making.

Procurement Management Services will provide the property with the help to select the preferred supplier options evaluating technical need, quality, price, delivery time, GMP compliance and supplier financial situations and risks.

Telstar will structure a number of tenders for materials supply and installation execution, and will release the related engineering document as a set of General and Particular Conditions requirements within the marketplace. A thorough evaluation will be performed and reported back to the property who will then take the final decision after the negotiation stage, at which point the order is placed with the selected supplier.

Telstar’s procurement organization provides clients with global procurement resources, processes and local market pricing knowledge. Telstar offers reliable project deliveries, innovative performance solutions and project savings through the combination of a global execution platform, local execution capability and industry-leading pharmaceutical equipment technologies.

Global Market Knowledge

Telstar’s strategic view of the capital project market allows intelligent and timely recommendations based on long-term material demand, supply, and pricing trends. As an engineer, constructor and a specialist pharmaceutical equipment supplier manufacturing in Europe, Asia and the Americas, Telstar have a global perspective on services, equipment and material supply, that is second to none.

Strategic Sourcing

Telstar optimizes product and service offerings to achieve client objectives by leveraging highly knowledgeable product directors assigned to specific categories of materials, equipment, and services.


Telstar’s global team of expeditors and material management specialists may also provide help, if required, by controlling the quality and timely delivery of equipment from the supplier’s facility to the job site.

Key Features

  • Design & Build
  • Turnkey
  • Lump Sum
  • Global Procurement Resources

Telstar Value Services

We work alongside our customers in close partnership, supporting them throughout the full life cycle of their plant and equipment to ensure lasting business success.

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