GMP Management Software & Digitalization Labware IP6

The Ip6 platform is an industrial software designed to provide efficient and profitable solutions in management of materials, warehouses, production and laboratory in a pharmaceutical facility.

Warehouse, materials flow, quality control and production management.

Ip6 is a software solution specialized in regulated industry that manages physical material movement as well as sampling and stock qualifications from the raw materials reception to the delivery of finished products to the client, going through production phases, warehouse, material flows and quality control laboratory.

Ip6 provides a paperless electronic management of the procedures with GMP compliance and total traceability of products, operations and resources. All operations are recorded in a single database for data integrity and optimal performance.

Developed by Labware-Telstar and validated in several logistic and pharmaceutical facilities, Ip6 enables the progressive installation of modules, adding new features and automation technologies to the same nucleus of software to solve current and future needs with a powerful scalability.

Ip6 has the following modules:

  • Ip6 WMS: Warehouse and material flows management, internal provisioning, order preparation and deliveries
  • Ip6 LIMS: Quality control laboratory management
  • Ip6 W&D: Weight and dispending booths
  • Ip6 DMS: SOP’s and document management
  • Ip6 production phases
  • Ip6 Dashboard: Real time monitoring
  • Ip6 Mobile: Your facility operation in tablets and smartphones

Warehouse & Materials Flow Management

Laboratory Management

Weighing & Dispensing Booths

Production Phases & Electronic Batch Record

Mobile Module