Warehouse & Materials Flow Management

Labware provides a powerful warehouse management system that supports many types of industries. Ip6-Warehouse Management System solutions are rich in features and can be adapted to supply almost any common functional behavior in a production or distribution environment.

Ip6-Warehouser Management System integrates warehouse management, material flows, order preparation and deliveries, with full traceability of operations, resources and products.

The great flexibility of Ip6 Warehouse Management System allows the progressive installation of features according to the needs of each client by integrating all existing technologies in the market (Radio Frequency, pick-to-light, pick-to-voice, stacker cranes, miniload, material handling, automation, RFID, etc. ).

Ip6-Warehouser Management System is a reliable logistics solution to improve the ability to provide the accurate service to internal and external customer needs.

  • Schedule and paperless execution of material movements.
  • Real-time control of human and technological resources.
  • Maximum profitability of space.
  • Global view of materials management.
  • Important reduction of stock levels.
  • Important reduction errors.
  • Information for continuous improvement.


  • Managing multi-company, multi-store and multi-area.
  • Multiple measure units.
  • High level of parameterization (products, areas, resources, push-pull orders)
  • Configurable flows.
  • High productivity order picking and deliveries procedures
  • Full traceability and GDP/FDA compliance methods
  • Standard FEFO, FIFO, LIFO algorithms…
  • Full batch process control.

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