Join us for a two-hour seminar, led by experts in the field, to discuss in-situ tensile testing in the transmission and scanning electron microscopes.

Broadcast Times:

Thursday, June 25 – 2PM CEST and 3PM PDT

Seminar Overview:

The tensile test is the standard mechanical test for determining Young’s modulus, yield strength, work hardening, and more. These tests are more challenging than their peers to perform at nano- and micromechanical length scales, requiring advanced sample preparation and positioning. In 2006, researchers using Bruker’s Hysitron Picoindenter tools were the first to enable in-situ quantitative testing, originally in the TEM, followed shortly in the SEM. Indentation, compression, and tensile modes as standard on the original Hysitron PI 95 led to a wave of in-situ publications. In this seminar, the focus is on re-creating a uniaxial strain using both direct pull with tensile actuation of the transducer, and the patented Push-to-Pull MEMS chip.

We welcome these experts to present data from the past, present, and future of in-situ tensile testing in the SEM and TEM.


  • In-Situ Tensile Testing in a TEM: Both Measuring and Observing Changes in Local Structure
  • In-Situ TEM Failures in Fatigue and Other Extreme Environments
  • A Practical Demonstration of In-Situ SEM Direct Pull Tension: Step-by-Step Sample Preparation and Testing of a Duplex Steel


Dr. Andrew M. Minor – Professor

Dr. Zhiwei Shan – Director

Dr. Khalid Hattar – Principle Member of the Technical Staff

Dr. Eric Hintsala – Applications Scientist