Telstar Spain

With headquarters in Terrassa (Barcelona), the company has a total of four specialized centers located in Barcelona and Madrid which include two production plants, five sites of technology excellence and two engineering & consultancy centers.

At Telstar headquarters the company concentrates on general management and innovation, talent and knowledge management and centralizes the global corporate services in Finance, Human Resources, R&D, Procurement, and Quality, including Marketing and Customer Services.  In addition Telstar headquarters offers assistance to all international subsidiaries. The facility also houses a production plant to manufacture and assemble highly complex and technologically demanding equipment for the life sciences sector in a spacious area that allows the company to assemble large-scale vertical equipment. It also has a technical center, training center and laboratories to develop and optimize lyophilization processes.

A multidisciplinary team works together to offer innovative integrated solutions in different interrelated areas. In the field of life science markets such as the  pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries Telstar centers in Spain cover the organization activities in Engineering & Construction, GMP Consultancy, Production Equipment & Process Systems, Laboratory Equipment, Instrumentation sales for Industrial and Scientific Research & Development, and  Automation, IT Design & implementation of industrial software solutions for logistics, warehouse & materials management. For Hospitals, the company concentrates the development of technology applied to medical devices for the laminar flow operating theatres. Finally, Telstar has a center specialized in Vacuum and High-Vacuum applications located in Spain.

Telstar has a solid commitment to providing quality, excellence and environment care. The company takes full accountability for ensuring that the quality and environment management system is integrated into key business processes and intended high-standard results are achieved. A quality and environment policy developed in the Telstar management system, complies with the conformity assessment programs such as the ISO9001:2015  and ISO 14001:2015 certification, also the ASME technical certification and PED Certificate in the field of mechanical engineering and the standardization of innovative technology ensures ongoing process improvement and effectiveness.

Telstar uses third party accredited bodies in order to certificate some of the products in order to assure the compliance with the applicable standards, beyond required self-certification processes, and to sustain the trustworthiness of the brand, such as:

1.    TUV/GS Certificate for Bio II Advance 4 as per EN 12469

2.    TUV/GS Certificate for Bio II Advance 6 as per EN 12469

3.    TUV/GS Certificate for BioOptima 4 as per EN 12469

4.    TUV/GS Certificate for BioOptima 6 as per EN 12469

The Gender Equality plan is an intervention policy that includes a set of objectives, measures and actions, duly planned and consistent with each other, to progressively advance towards achieving equal opportunities between women and men. It is a strategic document aimed at positively positioning a company or organization in achieving gender equality based on an improvement in management and utilizing the potential talent of women and men.



Josep Tapiolas, 120

08226 Terrassa

T. +34 937 361 600

F. +34 937 859 342

Avda. Corts Catalanes, 5-7, Pl.2

Edificio SC Trade Center I

08173 Sant Cugat

T +34 935 442 910

F +34 936 746 933

Santibáñez de Béjar 3

28042 Madrid

T. +34 913 717 970

F. +34 913 717 971


Av/ Font i Sagué, 55
08227 Terrassa

+34 937 361 600

+34 937 861 380

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