Biological Safety Cabinets

Telstar offers a wide range of Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinets to suit all required configurations and budgets.

Designed in accordance to the Class II European standard EN12469, most of Telstar Biological Safety cabinets are certified by TÜV NORD, and are available in sizes raging from 90 cm to 180 cm width.

Cabinets manufactured in accordance to the DIN12980 Standard that are dedicated to the handling of cytotoxic preparations are also available.

Unique features, like the full prefilter and the front window back-up battery, put Telstar Class II cabinets among the most advanced units available in the market.

Telstar Microbiological Safety Cabinets represent an ideal choice for any laboratory looking for superior quality, reliability and ergonomic smart features.

Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinet

Class II High-end Microbiological Safety Cabinets

Class III Microbiological Safety Cabinet