Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Cabinet Aeolus H

The Telstar Aeolus H series is a high quality horizontal laminar flow workbench range for handling non-hazardous materials that require a particle free environment. These cabinets offer the highest product protection.

In the Telstar Aeolus H series air is filtered through a HEPA H14 filter generating a horizontal laminar airflow (crossflow) that creates an ISO 14644-1 (Class 3) / GMP Annex 1 (Grade A)* work area, preventing ambient air entering the work area, ensuring product protection.

The quality of the laminar flow is guaranteed by an air speed probe that adjusts air velocity in real time ensuring optimal working conditions.

This series of laminar flow cabinets has been designed in line with the highest standards of quality and safety, reliability, ergonomics and usability.

Aeolus H is available in 4 sizes (90, 120, 150 and 180 cm width) which include a list of options and accessories that make this cabinet adaptable to most applications.

Aeolus H horizontal laminar flow benches have been specifically designed to work in the following industries; Hospitals, Pharmacies, IVF centers, Food control, Horticulture in vitro cultures, Electronics, Optics, Micromechanics and Plastic.

Aeolus horizontal laminar flow systems allow operation in sterile and particle free conditions due to the continuous flushing of the working area by means of a unidirectional horizontal ultra-filtered air flow. The positive pressure inside the cabinet prevents inflow of ambient air from the surrounding environment into the work area.

Low power consumption and low sound level

Energy efficiency is a key factor when choosing a laminar flow cabinet which is way Telstar has included led lighting and energy saving EC fans in the Aeolus range of cabinets from the very beginning.

Safety standards

The Aeolus H series is designed and manufactured in order to achieve a working area that meets the ISO 14644-1 (Class 3), GMP Annex 1 (Grade A)*.

High quality components

The Aeolus H cabinets are manufactured in stove-enamel coated steel and the working surface is made of polished AISI-304 Stainless Steel.

The H14 HEPA filter is protected with a laminar screen to provide incomparable flow uniformity.

The tempered glass side walls are UV resistant and removable for ease of cleaning.

User friendly and easy-to-read control panel

The Aeolus series incorporates a comprehensive screen which enables easy and quick viewing of the safety parameters. A green light indicates safe work mode and is clearly visible at all times. Real time air speed indication, filter clogging and a real time clock are among the numerous features that are provided by the control panel through a use friendly touch panel.

Ergonomic design

Compact external sizes without parts protruding from the main body make the Aeolus H easy to clean. LED lighting provides uniform illumination and reduces eye strain. The use of EC motorblowers results in low noise levels. The control panel is user-friendly with intuitive messages displayed.

The side glass panels are removable providing a passage through all the doorways. The HEPA H14 filter is accessible for replacement from the front of the cabinet; furthermore the unit can be disassembled in case of complicated installations.

An ample one piece Stainless Steel working surface includes a protective lip to avoid potential spillage of liquids that could damage the HEPA filter.

Key Features

  • High quality
  • Low power consumption
  • Low noise level
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to clean
  • Compact design

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