Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet Mini V/PCR

Telstar’s Mini V/PCR vertical laminar flow bench is a small footprint unit which is easy to locate in any lab. The unit provides ISO 3 air quality for product protection and as standard is equipped with UV for oligonucleotide disruption to prevent contamination when performing PCR.

The Telstar Mini V/PCR series is a high quality vertical laminar flow workbench range for handling non-hazardous materials that require a particle free environment. These cabinets offer the highest product protection.

The Mini V Vertical Laminar Flow Benches have been specifically designed to work in Hospitals, Pharmacies, IVF Centers, Food Control, Horticulture in vitro Cultures and also in Electronics, Optics, Micromechanics and Plastic Industries.

The Mini V vertical laminar flow systems allow operation in sterile and particle free conditions thanks to the continuous flushing of the working area by means of a unidirectional vertical ultra-filtered air flow. The positive pressure inside the cabinet prevents inflow of contaminated air from the surrounding environment into the work area.

The Telstar Mini V/PCR features a built in UV light with a timer that is particularly suitable for the PCR process to denaturate oligonucleotide contaminants.

General features

The Mini V is a bench top cabinet with non-recirculated vertical laminar flow. Its compact dimensions make it easily compatible with any standard laboratory doors and dimensions.

As standard, Telstar’s Mini V/PCR includes a fluorescent light, built-in UV-light with timer, an electrical socket in the working area and a Stainless Steel work surface.

Safety standards

The Mini V cabinet is designed and manufactured in order to achieve a working area that meets the ISO 14644-1 (Class 3), GMP Annex 1 (Grade A)*.

High quality components

The Mini V cabinets are manufactured in epoxy coated steel and the work surface is made of polished AISI-304 Stainless Steel.

The H14 HEPA filter provides 99,999% efficiency for particles >0,3 micron is easily accessible for a replacement.

The Mini V is fitted with a G3 prefilter 85% ASHRAE in the inlet side.

User friendly and easy-to-read control panel

An intuitive electronic control system offers fast and complete control over the cabinet functions.

  • Alphanumerical LCD display indicates;
    • Airflow status
    • UV countdown timer
    • Total running hours of the cabinet and the UV light
  • Light on/off key and LED
  • UV light on/off key and LED
  • Filter clogging alarm with LED

Ergonomic design

The Mini V is easy to clean due to the compact external size without parts protruding from the main body. The control panel is user-friendly with intuitive messages displayed.

The front opening allows complete and comfortable access to the working chamber and it is possible to enter large objects and accessories into the working chamber with ease.

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