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The higher demands on surgeon’s performances will result in greater demands for operating theatre installations.

The most crucial parameters in the operating theatres are determined by the cleanliness of the theatre. This includes appropriate cleaning of people, instruments and the surrounding air, which is a decisive factor. Surgeries can become the source of infections, recognized after the event and therefore called post-operative infections. This problem does not only endanger patients life and health, but also generates tremendous amounts of post-operative costs for hospitals, societies and economies (such as extension of patients hospital stays, treatments, medication, multiple surgeries, invalidity, disinfections, lawsuits, pensions etc.).

This is a very common experience in hospitals, although there are possibilities to avoid them or at least to minimize them significantly.

Over the last few decades one of the most promising proven solutions is the use of laminar flow air systems within the surgery zone. Based on more than 35 years of experience Telstar is actively contributing to the improvement of the aforementioned hospital areas and reducing the risk of infection by designing and installing downflow systems for the hazardous areas where patients are treated.

The use of laminar air flow in combination with HEPA filters and special air distribution screens (CG-screen) provides ground for ultra clean air and today’s highest technically possible germ (CFU) free environments.

As clean air enters the patient’s area, unidirectional flow ensures protection from external contamination and avoidance of internal contamination from the surgery team and/or patient.


Telstar operation theatre air flow systems achieve optimal results by using a combination of air, HEPA filters, air distributor and the mechanical structure (plenum, canopy). The results of the above technical expertise offer almost turbulent free and ultra clean air, so called laminar flow or displacement flow. 

Sterility in an operating theatre is imperative for ensuring that patients are protected from life-threatening infections. The Telstar Operating Theatre Ventilation ceiling meets the highest demands for hygienic working conditions. The CG- system creates an extremely homogeneous laminar flow with very little turbulence. Any bacteria, viruses or dust particles are extracted directly before the air enters the area. This means that the operating area is completely isolated within the surrounding room, effectively preventing any contamination by bacteria or virus-laden air. The low degree of turbulence also provides a pleasant working environment for medical personnel.

Telstar offers 2 different approaches;

FlexInPlenum FIP Series

Designed to create a vertical sterile laminar air flow directly over the surgery areas.

Cost effective solution offered in 4 different sizes.

FlexInLight FIL Series

Patented product based on the same working principle including intelligent surgical lighting system fully integrated.

Free space and low turbulences in the air flow.

Direct automatic control from the surgical area.

Certified as Medical Device Class I in Europe.

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