Designed primarily for terminal sterilization processes in autoclaves with a capacity of over 50 m3

The integration of an automated system increases performance and productivity up to 40% in the overall production process, and provides an average reduction of 15% of the duration of the sterilization cycle. Energy consumption savings of up to 20% are also proven

New automated product handling systems for automatic loading and unloading processes have been integrated in high-capacity pharmaceutical sterilization systems. The new robotized solution is incorporated in the counter-pressure autoclave SteriDelta series.

The sterilization system integrates robotized processing for preparing the product arriving from one or more filling lines to be loaded directly into the sterilizer chamber without any human intervention. Furthermore, the automated process system is engineered to cover whole operational phases, connecting the sterilization process from the filling line to the inspection line.

Through the robotized processing system, the packaged material (bags, bottles, PFS etc..), which have been previously automatically classified and placed on the transport conveyors, are placed on the automatic loading system to be fed into the autoclave chamber. Unlike the manual loading and unloading process, which requires the product through an extended cooling phase to reach a temperature permitting the manual handling of the product, the fully automated process integrated to the SteriDelta series enables to unload at higher temperature providing higher efficiency with an average reduction of 15% of the duration of the sterilization cycle thus saving up to 20% in energy consumption.

The robotized sterilization system are designed to be highly versatile, therefore can be also gradually implemented based on particular needs in both greenfield or existing units. Engineered to sterilize large batches, the equipment includes a Telstar Scada supervisory, control and data acquisition system which is providing full production line traceability; helping store, retrieve and transfer process knowledge.

Telstar has taken a further step in the integrated solutions for pharmaceutical sterilization process equipment integrating robotic and automated loading and unloading technology. The overall automation and process control, offering up to a 40% increase in performance and productivity, helps reduce operational costs increasing savings in these multiple connected machines.