The Telstar Valued Partner Award has been granted to Pham Lan Anh in recognition for her commendable and exceptional role in establishing the presence of the company products in Vietnam for over twenty years.

Pham Lan Anh, integrated in the Vietnamese CÔNG TY TNHH THIẾT BỊ KHOA HỌC LAN OANH (O.S.I CO. LTD.) staff team, has been actively involved in Telstar’ international distributors network throughout the last twenty years. Telstar is proud of counting on great professionals like Pham Lan Anh for her dedicated involvement, compromise and loyalty, promoting the values of our company, which has led her to successfully introduce innovative laboratory solutions to the Vietnam market.

She has accurately served the local market of Vietnam offering the best solutions to all companies and research centers. Her extensive knowledge and know-how has contributed to understanding the market requirements which has led Telstar to provide optimal solutions to pharmaceutical and biotechnological laboratories and research centers.

Telstar is dedicated to the design, manufacture and sales of equipment-based solutions for the Life Sciences market. Its Laboratory Division offers products and services for Clean Air production: laminar flow benches, biosafety cabinets and laboratory isolators; Cold Storage equipment including freezers, ultralow freezers and laboratory monitoring systems; Lab and Pilot freeze dryers. It provides equipment for Research in Life Science markets including Universities, Hospitals and R+D, QC laboratories along with Pharma and Biotechnology industries. The company has a global scope and is established in 13 countries with a substantial network of distributors, providing local support and services to customers.