Dielectric Oil Treatment Plants

Telstar oil treatment plants allow the oil to heat, pumping it through a particle filter and passing it through a vacuum column, where it is degassed and dehydrated.

The main components of Telstar plants are:

  • Oil heater design to increment oil temperature in a controlled and uniform way in order to avoid oil decomposition.
  • Particle filters.
  • Vacuum column, filled with stainless steel pall rings, ensuring optimum oil flow for degassing and drying.
  • Oil foam monitoring and control system.
  • Oil pumps with a frequency converter allowing flow adjustment.
  • Vacuum pumping system maintaining vacuum conditions in the column.
  • Vacuum gauges.
  • Double inlet and outlet valve to allow for different oil treatment configurations.

Options and Accessories

  • Double oil circulation pump.
  • Oil hoses.
  • Additional filter.
  • Flow meter.
  • Volatile oil fraction condenser.
  • Roots vacuum pump.
  • Double effect degassing column.
  • Auxiliary vacuum pump.
  • Henrymeter to measure residual gas content.
  • Mobile platform for road transport.
  • Protecting canvas covers.

Control System

Telstar oil treatment plants are controlled by state of the art PLC. The PLC allows automatic operation including visual and audio signs, alarms, emergency buttons and automatic data storage. It also allows manual control of the system and modification of process parameters through the touch screen user interface.

Key Features

  • Portable
  • Configurable
  • Compact
  • Autonomous

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