Helium Leak Detection Systems

Many industrial products are required to guarantee a high degree of tightness, either to ensure correct functioning during their whole life cycle, or to avoid emissions of high global warming potential gases such as refrigerants and SF6.

Helium leak detection inside a vacuum chamber is the preferred method when you rapidly need to ensure high sensitivity and total reliability, as well as independent operator tests on your product.

We provide customized solutions ranging from manual systems to automated machines that are fully integrated in a production line.

Our systems are based on a Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector that is connected to the vacuum line of a vacuum chamber. Helium is introduced inside the tested part. Any helium passing through a leak increases the helium partial pressure that is continuously monitored by the mass spectrometer.

The system consists at least of the following components:

  • A Mass spectrometer with its own vacuum system.
  • One chamber.
  • A vacuum group that evacuates the chamber thus reducing the helium partial pressure inside the chamber.
  • A valve manifold connected to the part that allows different steps of the detection routine (part evacuation, helium filling, helium exhaust, part venting…).
  • A power and control cabinet including touchscreen human operator interface.

The system can be equipped with different accessories and options:

  • Part vacuum pumps to initially evacuate the part and recover the helium.
  • A helium recovery system
  • Flow test, pressure test, valve operation check
  • Multiple chambers.
  • Automated connection tooling
  • Printer / barcode reader.

The main advantages of Telstar leak detection systems:

  • Compact and ergonomic system
  • Complete access to the components for maintenance.
  • Optimized cycle time to maximize your productivity.
  • Great sensitivity down to maximum allowable leak 10-8 mbar·l/s
  • Full automation including integration in a production line.
  • Operator independent and automatic calibration verification.
  • Flexibility, small and automated configuration adapted to customer’s needs, from small valves to bulky high voltage switchgears.

LeakStar® Control System

Telstar leak detection systems are controlled by a state of the art PLC especially configured to comply with the customer’s process requirements. The PLC allows automatic operation including visual and audio signs, alarms, emergency buttons and automatic data storage. It also allows manual control of the system and modification of process parameters and recipes through the touch screen and the LeakStar user’s interface.

Our supervision and control software LeakStar is simple, accurate and easy-to-use. It enables inspection of the whole working cycle through a touch screen panel. Main screen displays show important parameters such as cycle status, test results, chamber pressure and other customized variables as a percentage of good parts during the run. Additionally, the operator can navigate through a series of screens to perform different actions including the launch of a calibration, access counters and the maintenance schedule. You can also modify or select recipes and generate reports.

Our machines can also be equipped with a SCADA application providing full control, supervision and data acquisition over all variables and parameters involved in the operation from a PC. The SCADA provides a high level of traceability of the process through the saved data.

Helium recovery

Helium costs are increasing rapidly and its recovery is becoming more and more interesting. Telstar can build central recovery units providing a service to several machines or a dedicated helium recovery system for a single machine.

Our helium recovery systems feature a helium concentration monitor system to measure the purity of the gas and a dryer that removes any moisture the gas collects. Telstar helium recovery systems are very efficient (higher than 95% He recovery rate).

If your helium consumption does not justify the acquisition of a recovery system, Telstar offers an intermediate solution: the ‘Helium Economizer,’ allowing up to 70% recovery efficiency with a reduced investment.

Gas Insulated Switchgears (GIS)

Gas Insulated Switchgears are a very specific and demanding application for our leak detection systems. Medium and high voltage switchgears use an isolating gas inside to avoid voltage breakdown. Due to the high warming potential of the isolating gas (SF6) and the need to guarantee the isolation for a long time, a very high degree of tightness needs to be ensured. The use of helium is a must and further filling with isolating gas has to be done with great precision and complete traceability. Our leak detection plants are equipped with zero emission systems, minimizing the emissions to the atmosphere. Telstar is an approved supplier of most major GIS manufacturers worldwide.

Key Features

  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Customized
  • High Sensitivity
  • Automation

Telstar Value Services

We work alongside our customers in close partnership, supporting them throughout the full life cycle of their plant and equipment to ensure lasting business success.

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