After Sales Services

Telstar’s driving force: a committed, innovative workforce that views solutions as a professional challenge.

Integrated and multidisciplinary after-sale and technical assistance service management, offering highly-specialized services to ensure customers’ needs are always our main priority. Our Customer Services Team has been growing year by year to offer a full portfolio of worldwide services ensuring  production equipment are running at optimum conditions whilst in operation.

Based on an integrated management model Telstar offers its customers a qualified professional who will act as a personalized single point of contact, with a global insight, to provide specific solutions according to the needs and requirements of their equipment and facilities in each field of technical assistance.

A sole, specialized contact person with the help of a team of experts in each of the fields of operation ensures greater flexibility and availability, higher efficiency and effectiveness of results and a shorter response time.

All of this using a strong, multi-disciplinary team of over 100 professional specialists in vacuum technologies, freeze-drying, loading and unloading systems, aseptic and containment isolator systems,  sterilization, air filtering (laminar flows), HVAC systems (production of hot/cold water, air treatment and control systems) and instrumentation. All our expert possess experience both in the process and upkeep of equipment and facilities.

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