Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance comprises of the care and servicing of your Azbil Telstar assets to keep them in perfect operational conditions through regular inspections and observations in order to prevent defaults before a total breakdown occurs.

The main purpose of a successful preventive maintenance program is to extend the life of the equipment.

Telstar’s PPM (Planned, Preventative Maintenance) Package provides a scheduled visit to undertake regulated tests and inspections of your equipment, along with any minor repairs and adjustments. This ensures that your equipment is maintained and disruption to your production schedules through failure is minimised.

The direct benefits of preventive maintenance can be summarized as follow:

  • Minimized asset failure and breakdowns
  • Reduced downtimes
  • Safety
  • Improved production

Azbil Telstar Customer Service & Product Life Management teams work together with our customers to design and execute preventive maintenance plans based on the equipment’s condition and performance requirements.

Our portfolio in preventive maintenance covers customers’ requirements:

  • Complete preventive maintenance visits includes
    • Wearing parts replacement
    • Complete performances tests
    • Equipment safety audit
    • Customer spare parts stock audit
    • Short & long term maintenance activities recommendation
  • Customer activities support
    • Share preventive activities with customer
    • Support locally & remotely with technology experts
  • Major components lifecycle analysis
    • Compressors, vacuum pumps, preventive maintenance, complete overhaul, support on upgrade
    • Preventive replacement based on equipment performances request
    • Stock and purchasing plan based on a lifetime plan

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