The company reinforces its leading position in Asia

To address the ongoing growth of global activities in engineering and construction for local and multinational pharmaceutical companies

Azbil Telstar announces the appointment of Parvez Hashim as the Country General Manager of the subsidiary of the company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. From 1st March 2019, Parvez Hashim focuses his responsibility on developing an extensive plan to address an ongoing growth of demand for Life Sciences service & product solutions in the region and strengthen the brand strategic position in the local pharmaceutical market. Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing markets in pharmaceutical production worldwide.

Azbil Telstar, who has experienced a strong growth process in the region, is reinforcing its global activities in engineering, construction and manufacturing processs equipment for development of turnkey plants and installations for local and multinational pharmaceutical companies with high growth potential. The Azbil Telstar subsidiary in Bangladesh was formally inaugurated on 2nd of April, 2014 after being active over the previous 10 years.

Parvez Hashim is a pharmacist by education and has more than 40 years’ experience in quality management, engineering, production and general and executive management in pharmaceutical companies. He has been in executive management roles for many prestigious companies in Bangladesh.

The ability to offer comprehensive high-technology solutions in engineering, construction and process equipment for the life sciences market has led to Telstar being acknowledged as one of the 10 major suppliers to the pharmaceutical industry. The Telstar brand is now represented in the Asia region by three specialized production plants and engineering centers in China, Bangladesh and India.